Tour Reviews

DeLuxe Blue Cave Tour was the highlight of our time in Split!

This full day excursion is exceptional value! No better way to see the Blue Cave, the beautiful coastline, spend time exploring Hvar & Vis Islands, AND with the unique inclusion of a delicious traditional home cooked lunch in a lovely local summer home in a tiny private bay. The owner, captains & staff are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced professionals who provide a fantastic, fun day in the archipelago, including fresh breakfast pastries, drinks, lunch, good times and great memories. Also, the brand new Sasso Mange is an impressive 500HP speedboat with comfy seats! We had the privilege of being on its maiden voyage- what a treat!

The best money can buy

No doubt this is worth of every kuna you pay! Why to see islands with sardine can boat without any food and drinks? This boat, the staff, the atmosphere... Everything was perfect. They even arranged gluten free snacks (which unluckily didn't arrive early enough but they bought fruits after we arrived to the first possible place to do that) when informed before the trip. The private restaurant and meal was just what you needed after island hopping and swimming. It was amazing to get to know people in the boat which you couldn't do with the rest of the tours as you sit like... Well still like sardines I highly recommend you to choose this day trip. You won't regret that!

Amazing day out and worth every penny. Highly recommended.

We did the 5 island tour with these guys and the day was fantastic from start to finish. Petra and her Father, the Skipper, looked after us all day and nothing was ever too much. The highlight of the day for me was the lunch in the family home. The food was excellent and plentiful but the setting is what makes it. These guys literally let you in to their home and are so welcoming. Beats any restaurant lunch you may get with another company hands down. Some people have commented about the price but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Superb day and thoroughly recommend it. When you see all the other tours sat on a tiny uncomfortable, exposed speadboat you'll be more than happy with your choice.

Best day ever!

First off we went to the Blue Cave on the very nice and spacious speedboat, enjoying our plentiful doughnuts, rolls and pastries whilst feeling very sorry for others we saw on the rival cheapo boats. Boy did they look uncomfortable. Queue at the Blue Cave was only 20 mins (I think we were lucky that we went off-season) and it is awesome. From there we went to the lovely old fishing port of Komiza on the island of Viz and then to various caves around the island coast. As the sea was a bit too rough to actually swim in the cave, we went to Stiniva beach and went snorkellng there. Absolutely amazing - lovely blue sea, loads of fish and purple sea grass. After the snorkeling we to Milna Bay and had a wonderful huge lunch in the private house overlooking the beach with home cooked fresh fish, loads of veggies, lots of talking and gallons of wine. Maybe we were lucky but the others on the trip were all lovely and it was great conversation. After lunch we all went for a swim on the beach. We then sped from Milna Bay to Hvar (drinking more wine and beer along the way) where the adventurous amongst us climbed up to the castle to enjoy the view. From there back to Split. A thoroughly enjoyable, but exhausting 10 and half hour trip. Yes this does cost a little more than some other tours, but everything, lunch, wine, breakfast, beer, towels, equipment and the cave tour is included, not to mention the boat being a lot more luxurious. Overall - brilliant: treat yourself.

Deluxe island tour

My girlfriend and I booked the deluxe tour via their website and it was certainly the best day of our holiday! The tour was very well organized, the blue cave and the islands were beautiful, and everything (food, drinks, snorkeling gear, music, free time) was included so we could really sit back, relax, and enjoy a wonderful boat trip. Crew were friendly and helpful, and our group consisted of 11 people (mostly couples) from all over the world, while there was plenty of space left on the boat. Highly recommend this tour!

Deluxe tour totally worth it!

We are a group of 6 and booked their deluxe tour on Aug.15 2017. The main reason was they were the only one we saw that provided towels on boat, which was extremely helpful for us. What we did not expect was the lunch that was the best we had in Croatia! No kidding! The grilled fish was so fresh and absolutely delicious. Pork was also the best we had, unlike many other places being grilled too dry. Communication was super easy and reassuring that we also booked our rafting tour with them. Skipper took us to a less crowded beach for a swim. The water was so clear and clean. We had a truly amazing time and would recommend this to everyone going to Split.

Deluxe tour

My boyfriend and I booked the tour through the website after reading all of the excellent reviews and I can safely say it did not disappoint. The crew were all friendly, helpful and keen to provide you with history of the places we visited. The blue cave and all of the islands we visited after were beautiful and we were able to enjoy our free time. Everything you could want is provided for you and the boat itself is very spacious. The highlight of the whole trip was definitely the lunch, they don’t lie when they say it is home cooked - we had the meat option and it was incredible. It is refreshing to use a company that truly is family run and it makes it worth the extra few euros. Thank you for a wonderful day!

Awesome day out with a great company

Before you read this, I just want you to consider the amount of great reviews vs the very small number of bad reviews. Sometimes what happens which can be out of the company's control. I cannot rate this tour and company highly enough. A group of 4 friends (ages 22-36) booked this tour for the blue caves and islands. The guides/Crew were absolutely great people. Funny, knowledgable and easy going. They were great fun to have taking us on this great tour. The owner started off our day with great humour and lots of information about our day and left us in the capable hands of H&G. The first part of the tour was an hour and a half wave hop to Bisevo. Now, the back is fairly peaceful but if you like rollercoasters (as we do) then we highly recommend sitting in the front of the boat and hold on tight. It was such fun bouncing over/through the waves. Great fun. The rest of the stops we had were amazing such perfect locations with such a fantastic family run company. The service on the boat with drinks and pastry breakfast was a really nice touch but one of the best parts of the tour was lunch. Home cooked proper food. The fish was absolutely stunning. Freshly caught in the morning and cooked on the grill just as we arrived. Perfection. The attractions I.e. blue/green lagoon, blue caves, the towns on vis and hvar etc speak for themselves but what makes this tour stand out from any other you will take from Split is the personal touches, the homemade lunch with a practically private beach and the people. This company is simply awesome. Smaller number of seats on the boat means a more personal and deluxe tour. It's worth the extra couple of euro/Kuna. Thank you for one of the best days of our holiday.

The very best there is

Don't normally write reviews but in this case I must! Just returned from the deluxe tour and have to say it amazing. The owner and his family look after you all day and provide everything you could ask for. The day starts with breakfast on board the speedboat along with a shower of sea water if you sit at the back of the boat - great fun! Drinks along the way until you arrive at the Blue cave. Arrived early so missed the queues. Quick change of direction due to rain approaching led us to the blue Lagoon where the chance to dive and swim if you desired. Then lunch. Wow. The smell of the food being cooked when you enter their bay is simply divine and the quality of the food matched it. Five star service and five star food. Then time for lounging and swimming in the gorgeous bay. Hvar was next in the stop and a full two hours in the soaring heat! Back on the boat for a thrilling near two hour ride back. Yes this is the most expensive tour in Split, but you get what you pay for. Superb day out. Truly outstanding!!! Richard and Rachel.

Amazing Blue Cave Tour!

We usually tend to stay away from organized tours in the usual sense of the word since so often tour operators actually stay away from the main attractions BUT in this case it was nothing like that... What we experienced on this Blue Cave Deluxe tour was unforgettable, everything went so smooth and we had enough time to actually see and feel each location, it was sooooo beautiful!! And just when everybody thought things couldn't be better with all the fun we had, we arrived to a private beach where lunch was organized just for us... It was so relaxing and so nice that we didn't want to go back home! Feelings, understanding the land of the place we are visiting are what we seek when we travel and that is definitely what we got this time! This was truly an amazing experience and we are definitely coming back to you guys! Love x

Deluxe Blue Cave Tour

Our day with Vicko and Vana was very special this last week, as we were on the last run of the season. Like the other reviews, our experience was delightful from beginning to end. We met all on time, right where the owner had instructed in an email. We were offered pastries and headed out on a fast speedboat. I could tell it was going to be an experience of a lifetime! I was traveling with my Mom who is 78 and not a typical 78. She swam when we were offered and enjoyed it all except for the loud music and she took out her hearing aids and it was even too loud for me. We seemed to be the minority with that issue, so we just dealt with it. The first stop was the blue cave, I was impressed how quickly we got in and it was amazingly blue due to the beautiful day we had. Afterwards we visited several stops, Vis, Kamiza,very special! Also a very tiny beach where we jumped in, and then the beach that used to be a cave and the top eroded, and then a private beach where we were served a wonderful lunch with the best fresh fish ever and finished with a swim! Then onward to Havr where we relaxed with a comfy patio couch a cool drink. I'm sure I am forgetting to mention some stops or remembering the names of the places, but Vicko was a great skipper, handling the boat with great skill ensuring we werent soaked at times when the wind was kicking up and Vana was taking great care to make sure we had jackets, towels and plenty to drink. She told us a little about each of the places we stopped and saw which was nice. I especially liked the way they gave a helping hand to help my mother and myself back into the boat since the ladder they use isn't all the way up and over the edge of the boat, like most boats or swimming pools provide. They made sure we all had a great trip! I would highly recommend this trip, I will forever remember the stunning views and being able to swim in the Adriatic Sea! You won't be diaappointed!

Deluxe Blue Cave tour

We've met early in the morning and as soon as everybody was there we started our trip. On the boat we were provided with fresh pastries and drinks. On the way they've found out that the Cave was packed (we would lose few hours on waiting) so we did reverse tour. First destination was Hvar town. We had more than enough time to explore it (my friend and I even climbed up on the Fortress Fortica). Second place was Green Cave which is extra destination that wasn't in itinerary. Then we went on the Budikovac island (Blue lagoon) and had our swim stop to enjoy the beautiful bright sea. Our boat had an bluetooth so we even played some music on it. Next one was lunch AND THAT TRULY IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. In private bay in private house with amazing view only for us from the tour. Everything was so fresh and tasted like heaven itself. Definitely the best fish I had in my life! After lunch my food baby I were heading to the Blue Cave. We we're the only ones there so there was no waiting at all. Cave of course was gorgeous and the guy on the boat told us all the stories about it. Next stop was Komiza town on Vis island and that's actually were our skipper (Vicko) lives so we even met his wife and baby boy. Cozy little town with small alleys that make you just wonder around them. Afterwards we even had one more extra stop. That was the place where Mamma mia movie was filmed. Also, very important thing is that our boat was covered so there was shade for everybody, huge open deck for sunbathing and curtains to close the boat. They've took great care of us, provided us with food, ulimited drinks whole day, towels, snorkels, even took us to two extra destinations and told us everything about the places we're visiting and the ones we're passing by. This wasn't just a tour, it was an amazing experience with a personal touch!

A great day on the Delux Blue cave & island tour

Great price. I looked in details all other comparable tours. This is family run business and provides personal attention. The greatest highlight is the lunch at their summer house, which is very sumptuous yet with all personal touch. The quality and ease of the grilled fish, beef and chicken was something I shall remember for long time. In contrast to some of the reviews I found H & G (the captain and his assistant) of the boat was very friendly, attentive and helpful. With small group on the boat there is plenty of option of customise it in agreement with the others. We had some children on boat and they seem to enjoy it too.

Just loved the Deluxe Five Island Tour

My sister and I went out on this trip last Sunday and both felt it was the best part of our visit to Split. You can really feel the attention to detail and nothing is too much trouble. The boat is extremely comfortable with a much needed canopy for shade. It was a little wait for the Blue Caves but not too bad, and how long it takes is just pot luck on how many visitors at that time. The turquoise colour really is something else! We enjoyed our stop at Komiza but the highlight was a delicious lunch in the family home at Milna Bay. It was so peaceful and cool in our own private room with stunning views. We had a lovely bunch of people on our boat and we all enjoyed chatting / sharing travel stories. The family could not have been more welcoming and we were able to swim in the bay afterwards - heaven. We opted not to visit swim in the blue lagoon as the bay was much nicer! It was good to have this flexibility. Last stop was Hvar Town and there was ample time to have a look around. Finally, our speedy boat ride back to Split which was great fun riding the waves, but also watching a thunderstorm somewhere inland. Lots of drink available on board, snorkelling gear, towels, delicious pastries for breakfast and a friendly, helpful crew. Just loved it! Thank you to all the staff for a wonderful day.

Best excursion

We did the deluxe 5 islands tour which was amazing. The blue cave and Komiza visits were our favourites. Lunch was great, it really felt like visiting a friend's house for lunch. The grilled fish was beautiful! We would have liked some time to relax and swim after lunch maybe but it's a busy day and hard to fit everything in so is understandable. Big thanks to the crew, sorry I forgot their names!

Fun full day!

My husband and I went on the deluxe Split Sea Tour yesterday and it was a great, fun, full day. The owner was very responsive in communicating with us when making our arrangements. He greeted everyone as we boarded the boat at 7:30 am. We were offered fresh pastries. We went to the Blue Cave and got there early, so the crowds weren’t bad yet. We went to several islands, swam in another cave, stopped at his friend’s house on a beautiful bay for a home cooked lunch. It was a nice time to visit and get to know the other passengers. We had time in Hvar to explore. The boat captain was very impressive with his handling of the boat as we explored some narrow entries to coves. Vana, the first mate, was enthusiastic and energetic. We pulled back into Split as the sun was setting at 6:30 pm. I liked how the tour was all inclusive: water/wine/beer/lunch/towels/jackets/entry fee to blue cave. A great day! I’d highly recommend it!

Deluxe tour

My boyfriend and I booked the tour through the website after reading all of the excellent reviews and I can safely say it did not disappoint. The crew were all friendly, helpful and keen to provide you with history of the places we visited. The blue cave and all of the islands we visited after were beautiful and we were able to enjoy our free time. Everything you could want is provided for you and the boat itself is very spacious. The highlight of the whole trip was definitely the lunch, they don’t lie when they say it is home cooked - we had the meat option and it was incredible. It is refreshing to use a company that truly is family run and it makes it worth the extra few euros. Thank you for a wonderful day!

Wonderful island tour that exceeded expectations

I had booked this all inclusive blue cave tour pretty early on as there was an early bird promotion. This was the only tour that provided lunch and drinks during the tour so we quickly confirmed with them. They were really prompt and helpful during the booking process as well. The owner was really flexible with the tour date and told us we could confirm it closer to the tour. When we arrived, we had a prior arrangement with him to pick us up nearby his house so we won’t have to pay for parking at the meet up point which was really expensive. We appreciated the kind gesture from him as he really didn’t have to do so. There was some slight delay due to some issues but we were sent on our way soon enough and began our island tour! We changed some things around in the itinerary but still we managed to see all key places and enjoyed ourselves. We swam at several points during the trip and while the water was cold at first (summer was ending soon), we warmed up soon enough and you see many locals and tourists still enjoying the water (: The water was really refreshing as the weather was still pretty hot! Lunch was wonderful. We each had a whole fresh fish alongside some salad and fries. Drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic ones) were also offered and we enjoyed the ice cream at the end as well! This was a huge highlight of the tour as we enjoyed a home cooked meal just for our tour. We also thoroughly enjoyed the blue cave experience (a must go!) as well as exploring Hvar island. It was a long ride back to Spilt after but we all enjoyed the tour very much. Many thanks to the crew onboard for the wonderful experience. We had plenty of drinks on board and towels to dry off as well. Would highly recommend this tour for those wanting a carefree trip to the islands!

5 island tour

Although our tour was ruined by a large thunderstorm the crew did a great job of making it the best with the circumstances. The food was wonderful and the family on the island was very hospitable and friendly. The boat was nice and had a sunshade. I saw a lot of other companies with just a zodiac type boat and seats. It is a long way out to blue cave around 1.5 hours. The owner and his team were extremely apologetic, even though they had no control over the weather. Next time hopefully Mother Nature cooperates. We would have absolutely no reservations booking again with them.

Highlight of our trip!

This tour was recommended to us by another company that was already booked for our desired day. I always trust recommendations from other tour companies, and I was glad that I did. The owner was very responsive and friendly. We thought his rates are very reasonable, as they included breakfast, beverages, lunch, and the stop at Blue Cave. The day before our planned island tour, the forecast looked bad so they postponed our trip. They were very good about making sure that we could reschedule. Thankfully, we had some flexibility in our itinerary. We got out the following day. The speed boat that took us out was very clean, comfortable and a great size for our group of 12. The captain and his daughter were wonderful. Towels and snorkeling gear were included. The breakfast of pastries was lovely. Blue Cave was mobbed since all trips out the day before had been canceled. Instead of having to wait, the captain decided we had enough time to head to port of Komize for a quick stop. This was much better that standing around for over an hour. Lunch at the owner's home on Vis island was a simple but delicious meal of fresh grilled fish. We felt very much like locals visiting a friend's home. The last stop was Hvar island. We had plenty of time to make it up to the fort and the island is beautiful! I highly recommend this tour. It was the highlight of our trip to the area. Blue Cave is amazing and this was a great way to go see it.

One of the highlights of our trip!

My husband, two teenagers and I took the 5 Islands Tour in July and had a great time. It took about an hour and forty-five minutes to get to the first stop at the Blue Cave. We saw some dolphins on our way which was really cool. We had to purchase tickets and wait about an hour to get into a small boat to visit the Blue Cave, which was nice but it got a little hot waiting for our turn. (It was nice to see, but beacuase of the wait, not our favorite part of the trip.) We then went to Vis where we had a short stop in Komiza, then a swim/snorkel stop in a beautiful bay followed by a delicious homemade lunch in a private residence in Milna (I think?). Lunch was great and we all enjoyed swimming off the beach for a while before heading to Hvar Town for a short stop. Towels and snorkel gear were provided as well as pastries after we left the Blue Cave (no coffee), beer on the boat and beer and wine with lunch. Plan to bring cash to purchase refreshments while waiting for the Blue Cave tour and on the island stops. Also, the sea was quite choppy the day we went out, so you may want to consider medication if you are prone to seasickness.

Family run and wonderful

My daughter and her boyfriend were lucky enough to take the VIP island tour. They were so thrilled with the day. The boat, the food & the crew were all really great! I organised the trip for them and the owner was an absolute pleasure to deal with and he ensured my daughter was well looked after! I hope that we can visit Croatia soon to experience the trip for myself! Thanks again!

BEST DAY EVER! Dont hesitate just book!

I booked the deluxe blue cave and island tour for my fiances birthday whilst we were visiting split and i am so glad i booked this one! We went out on a fab speedboat with a few others who we hadnt met before but after the fabulous day we had we have made friends for life! H our skipper was amazing and helpful and anything we needed or asked he made sure he could help us. We had beer & wine & water all day, we bluetoothed our music through the boat, stopped at the most beautiful islands and blue caves and had some fab swimming stops. Im not the best swimmer but even i got in alot as the sea was so calm and pretty. The meal we had at the family home truly was delicious!!! there was more wine, beer & water aswell as fresh grilled fish and sides and it was the most fresh and tasty fish we have ever tried! I actually felt like a celebrity for the day cruising about on the speedboat and having so much fun! aswell as H the people we met really made the day too. I would reccommend this trip to anyone looking for a great day trip in split and the surrounding islands!! It was the best day we have both had in a very, very long time and we will remember this day forever!

5 island Tour with Lunch - EPIC!

one word - Mesmerising! This was an amazing trip and worth every penny! being pregnant it was hard for me to find a blue cave tour that i was able to do as other tours use RIB speed boats. They provided us with great time to explore, which was great and provided drinks and breakfast aswell as lunch all included in the price. The grilled Lunch was AMAZING! one of the best meals i had on holiday and Croatia has great food! my husband, sister and her friends all went swimming/ snorkelling in the lagoon - we all really enjoyed it and thank the Team for a great day! highly recommend this tour!

Best Tour Ever!

Went on our 5 island tour two weekends ago, and it was absolutely perfect. Our two tour guides were absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing time. We had croissants, beer, wine, juice on board for the kids. And one amazing home cooked meal for lunch. We swam at numerous hidden spots, and and ended our trip with a cliff dive with one of our tour guides. Would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone visiting split.