Blue Cave & Hvar Tour from Split with LUNCH and drinks

Explore only the best from dalmatian islands, enjoy the mediterranean cuisine, and have a blast on the speedboat!


Price includes

Lunch, breakfast, drinks, Blue Cave entrance fee, boat ride, skipper, wind jackets, towels, safety gear, insurance


135 EUR



Departure time

07:30 h

Departure date

Every day



For all sea lovers, but also for those who want to see something unique, Blue cave tour from Split is a perfect excursion! Step aboard speedboat for a thrilling 90 minutes ride to Biševo Island and the Blue cave from Split. We will arrive amongst the first visitors, so you don't have to spend time on waiting in front of the cave like everybody else. Inside the cave you will enjoy the magnificent scenery when the sunlight reflects through the sea and illuminates the entire cave in aquamarine blue light.

After that we are back on a speedboat, passing beside picturesque southern side of the island Vis, full of caves, beaches and diverse forms of nature and rocks caused by changes on the sea. Our next stop is the little fishermens town Komiža. Komiža offers ecxellent visitor opportunities, such as monasteries and fortresses. This place is best known for its fishermen, and it is also famous for its wines. For the most of the year it is sunny in Komiža, so we think that Komiža is one great place to have a coffee break and relaxe while watching beautiful sea and landmarks.

The island of Budikovac is our next stop. There you will have more time for swimming and sunbathing on a beautiful pebble beach sorrounded by the cristal clear blue sea water. After that we are headed to Milna on island Vis where you will be served with a delicious home cooked meal. After lunch there is a sandy beach at your disposal where you can enjoy your privacy and go for a swimm, snorkel or just sunbathe on a peaceful beach.

On our way to the island of Hvar you will enjoy in the panoramic view of the amazing Pakleni islands – the oldest and the most famous Hvar’s resort, spacious lagoon with shallow sandy beaches, surrounded by pine forest, fragrant heather and rosemary bushes and various exotic plants.

Our final stop is town Hvar, on the island Hvar, one of most beautiful harbours of the world, with beautiful nature and surroundings, as well a rich cultural heritage, with walls dating back to the 7th century, and many 15th-17th century Venetian era noble houses. Explore the town by yourself and enjoy the real Mediterranean atmosphere and local hospitality.

We suggest you to go to the famous Hvar fortress where you will have the best view in Hvar, it's only 15-20 minutes by foot from the boat.

Our Blue cave and Hvar tour from Split ends with a quiet ride on the smooth sea at sunset, so you can enjoy all the beauty and all the colors of the sunset at the open sea.


Grilled lunch in the private bay guest house. You can choose between meat, fish or vegeterian menu.

Seafood menu - Mixed plate of grilled premium fish, shrimps, calamary, blue fish etc.
Meat menu - Mixed plate of grilled chicken, beef, pork, wheal etc.
Vegetarian menu - Mixed plate of grilled vegetables, potatoes, fresh salad, eggs on demand.

Every person gets unlimited amount of drinks with lunch!


Tour starts when everyone is accounted for and seated on the speed boat.

IMPORTANT: Please, be there in time – respect other people’s time and the tour departure time, since a bad (running late) start makes everything rushed. Thank you in advance.

Max. 11 passengers, safety equipment, toilet, shower, towels, snorkeling gear.


Best locations

We don't want to go on well known locations just because they are easy to sell (Stiniva and Green Cave). Instead we'll take you to places that are from our experience most enjoyable (blue lagoon for swimming and Komiza, little fishermen's village on the island Vis). You will be a part of the small group so that way you can talk to each other and arrange your day as you want, after all it's your tour - you paid for it :)

All inclusive

If you think that you dont need to eat and drink on a full day tour or you want to go to a reastaurant on some of the most expensive destinations on the adriatic coast and have a mediocre meal and pay astronomic price for it - than this is probably not the kind of tour that you are looking for, but if you want to go on a tour and let us take care of everything for you so you can relax and enjoy - than you are on the right place.

Best tour hands down

There are no hidden costs or extra fees, on contrary we are transparent because we can be! Our tour is planned to be your perfect day to remember the whole life. Best speed boats, domestic cuisine, friendly and casual atmosphere, we leave 30 mins before all other tours so you don't have to wait in line for Blue Cave for 2 hours like others. This is hands down the best Blue Cave tour in Split.

See what you're getting for your money. It actually saves you money, effort & time

135 €

Boat & fuel
Blue Cave admission
Safety equipment
Snorkeling equipment
Lunch in the restaurant
Water on the boat
Soft drinks on the boat
Alcohol on the boat
Fruit on the boat
Towels on the boat
Breakfast on the boat
Shower on the boat
Toilet on the boat
Maximum number of passengers 11


cca 120 €

Boat & fuel
Blue Cave admission
Safety equipment
Snorkeling equipment
Lunch in the restaurant
Water on the boat
Soft drinks on the boat
Alcohol on the boat
Fruit on the boat
Towels on the boat
Breakfast on the boat
Shower on the boat
Toilet on the boat
Maximum number of passengers 26
  • Bottled water: 1,00 € per bottle (2-3 bottles per guest), in average 2,00 € per person
  • Beer: 1,50 € per can
  • Wine: 4,00 € per glass (we buy 8,00 € bottles)
  • Coca Cola: 1,00 € per person
  • Pastry: 2,50 € per person (every guest has at least 2)
  • Ice tea: 1,50 € per bottle
  • Ice-cream: 1,50 € per person
  • Blue cave admission: 9,00 € per person
  • LUNCH: 20,00 € per person
  • ADDITIONAL DRINKS during the lunch (besides the ones on the boat itself)
  • Snorkels (every few weeks new ones)
  • Towels (every few weeks new ones)




In order to make a reservation you have to pay 20€ per person and 15€ per child for the deposit.

You will pay the rest on the boat. Price is 135€ for the adults and 75€ for the children(3-8 years).

If you cancel your tour at least 48 hours prior to departure - you will get a full refund of your deposit. You MUST cancel your reservation at There are no hidden extra costs or additional fees.

If we cancel the tour we will give you your deposit back or make you a reservation for some other day - it's your choice, ofcourse. For more details check FAQ.

We use PayPal since it is the safest, fastest and most reliable online payment method. We cover the PayPal transaction fee.

*If you have any questions or need something to be cleared out, please contact us via E-mail or Whatsapp


  • Even if it seems nice here (in Split) keep in mind our city is in a “Bay” – protected by 3 different islands (Brač, Šolta and Hvar), it might be rough out there at the open sea
  • Vis island and Biševo island (Blue cave location) are unprotected, left at the mercy of sea and wind, there is only 50 miles of open sea toward to Italy.
  • This is a speed boat tour, not a limo ride at the highway – highly influenced by nature’s will.
  • We receive a text message (SMS) from the Blue cave Ltd manager every morning, letting us know if the Blue cave is closed – please check with us before of after the tour if the cave was closed without us knowing so.
  • In case the Blue cave was suddenly closed during the day without prior notification by the Blue cave Ltd manager, and we’re already on the tour, a refund for the Blue cave admission is issued to every guest (70,00 kn per person)

  • Well, primarily by filling out the booking form and using PayPal. If you don't have it, you can pay after you've received an invoice by us, upon your booking inquiry. For booking any of our tours, you can pay only the down payment of 20%, while the doue amount can be paid on the day

  • Yes you can, we have a credit card machine on the boat.

  • When you fill out booking requested fields, you'll get an E-mail confirmation upon payment.

    Another easy question: you’ll get an E-mail, SMS/Whatsapp/Viber etc confirmation, and a booking voucher.

  • Any tour can be cancelled or postponed up to 48 hours prior to departure. That way you can get full refund, exchange for some other tour or you can postpone for some other day more suitable to your free time arrangements.

  • Well, we always try to keep in touch with our guests by exchanging full contact data: E-mails, phone numbers, accommodation address and contacts. If you are running late or not showing up, we’d appreciate if you called us you’re running late or similar. That way we can make an estimate can we find the time to wait for you, in order for you not to miss your tour. If you just do not show up, without 48h notice, unfortunately, you lose your deposit (same as missing your flight, eg).

  • Since we are talking about a boat tour at the sea, the thing that could prevent tour from happening is non-adequate weather forecast. In that case, you’d be informed and offered few options: full refund, postponing for some other day, or booking some other tour. If the weather gets bad during the tour itself (rise of the wind and waves, heavy rain etc), since it lasts for almost 12 hours, our captains reserve the right to alter the route and/or destinations after consulting with management and you (guests on board) because safety of our passengers always comes first. If by any chance the Blue cave itself gets closed due to the unfavorable weather conditions during the tour, guests would be refunded the Blue cave admission fee.

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